Reading Quran online is an easy way for Muslims, new Muslims and their kids to learn the holy Quran. All you need is a PC, Headset with a microphone and a broadband internet connection. Alhamdu Lillah we teach holy Quran 1 to 1 classes using the latest software's, technology and the latest Quran teaching methods and tutors.

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COURCES is an online Islamic center for providing online Quran Tutoring service that enables everyone to learn to read the holy Quran with Tajweed at your desired time and days.

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who we are provides you and your family members with services of Quran reading, Quran learning, Learn Quran online through the knowledge and wisdom of our professionally trained Quran tutors.

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"My kid is making excellent progress in reciting Qur'an. is an amazing program. My 1 kid is studying since one year. We sometimes go on long vacations to another country but due to online studies my child never miss his class. My kid is making excellent progress in reciting Qur'an with Tajweed. First we thought it will not work but now we are 100% satisfied with his fast progress as he is about to finish Part # 9 of the Holy Quran. I am very thankful to

[Usman Sha Kingston, Canada]

"Me and my sister are so lucky and our parents are so happy is a very good and amazing program.I hope me and my sister are so lucky.My parents are so happy and 100% satisfied.Me and my sister are finished three Juzz of Holy Quran only in one and half month.I am prayer also my teacher.I think Iqra Darsul Quran is a largest online quran learning school on internet.It's a great opportunity for every Muslim to learn quran at his most convenint time.Me and my family are so "THANKFULL" for

[ Saira and Hira Lahore]

" I have recently signed me and my brother I have recently signed me and my brother that is a miracuious program to me and my brother particularly apprecite there user friendly tutoring is very best. may ALLAH bless this program and our teacher "

[Hassan Khan Rawalpindi]


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